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Who The Hell Is Quez Cantrell?

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Meet Quez Cantrell

Quez Cantrell is a Nashville Native, born and raised in the communities of East Nashville. He is an Artist, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, and Community Activist promoting social change. He was named “Nashville’s Best Hip-Hop Newcomer” in 2020 by the Nashville Scene. He’s performed at various notable venues in the Nashville area, including the National Museum of African American Music, Marathon Music Works, Slim & Husky's NKA Gallery, and the Historical Frist Center in Downtown Nashville. In 2020, his debut EP entitled “9” was recognized by the likes of the Tennessean, Nashville Scene, and NPR Radio to name a few. This EP focused on the Historical Racial divides in the city of Nashville, and its generational impact on Black Citizens within the community.

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Most Recent Release: "Talkin My S#!T ft. TheyNeedWeez

Quez Cantrell is back with his single from his soon to be released 1st Full length project. "Talkin My S#.!T" ft TheyNeedWeez Prod. By Big Boy Traks. The visual features Quez visiting the site of his late Brother's grave for a baloon release, followed by a Family Reunion all within the same day. It paints a picture of what Quez is saying in the song itself. Joy and Pain, and the relief you feel from making it through a tough time in your life. The song highlights how you should feel proud enough to "Talk Your Shit" if you've survived the inevitable hurdles life will present us all.

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Community Work

As an entrepreneur, He is the owner and operator of “Diamonds In The Backyard”, a Multimedia and Community Engagement Company, with emphasis on Audio and Visual Arts. He is the operator of a Non-Profit organization called “New Is Never Easy (N.I.N.E)”, which focuses on At-Risk youth in Nashville Public Schools and Community Centers. Quez is also a former Web Designer who focused on creating websites and other technologies for Local Nashville artist, bridging the gaps between IT and Art disparities in the Urban Nashville Community. He ultimately explored artistry himself and is the current designer and administrator of his own website, www.

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